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    Don’t Attempt To Turn Your Customers Into Confused Order Drones

    Customers come to your restaurant for the experience…to be entertained…to be served professionally.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to turn your valued guests into order takers.  Let your staff of servers do their job by taking orders from your guests and use Personal Tablet Menus (PTMs) to add to your guests’ experience.

    The advantage of PTMs is giving your customers a superior experience though a professionally created, designed and executed electronic menu….not turning your customers into order takers.

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    Customers Love Bent Oak PTMs!

    Customers love the convenience, fun and accuracy of Personal Tablet Menus (PTMs)!  Older customers love them because they are easy to use, provide an added dimension to the dining experience, and because they can FINALLY SEE THE MENU in low-light dining rooms.  Younger customers are seeking out technology, and this is it!

    When customers view your menu items, they see what they are ordering and utilize the wine pairing function.   It all adds up to a better customer experience, increased average tickets and more profits for you.  (Click on the video to the left for a full overview.)

  • 7 Things to Avoid When Selecting a Tablet Menu System

    7 Things to Avoid When Choosing An Electronic Menuing System

    We listened to all the things that concern you about electronic menuing systems… then fixed them.

    Typical Tablet Ordering System


    Attempts to remove the server from the customer relationship.

    Not designed by real restaurant owners, for real restaurant owners.  Typically designed by computer geeks and engineers from outside the industry

    Doesn’t automatically  pair menu items with wine and doesn’t have a great wine list function.


    Installation is long, expensive, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing.



    Screens installed permanently on table or on wall next to table.

    Menus attempt to tie directly to POS

    Tries to do many things, achieves none especially well.

    Bent Oak Tablets: The Profit Way!

    Bent Oak Tablets running Menuvative Software is the only Personal Tablet Menu system  designed by a real owner of 17 table-service restaurants, for real owners of restaurants, like you!

    We don’t complicate your installation with unnecessary, unprofitable bells and whistles that don’t really matter to your customer, and don’t directly impact your profitability.  Ben Oak Tablets improve your customer satisfaction, increase your average tickets and raise the bar for your competition.  We keep it simple and effective.

    A complicated system that integrates with your POS system is not the big advantage you are looking for.  Integration is complex, expensive and fraught with problems.  Instead, focus on improving your guests’ experience by using Bent Oak Tablets, professionally designed with your customers’ satisfaction foremost in mind!

    Each of your guests receive their very own tablet to peruse the menu at their own speed, in their own way.  No waiting…no confusion..total guest control.  Tablets held by the customer result in higher tickets and bigger profits than individual wall or tablet mounted units.

    We personally shoot your food photography, build your electronic menu, install your system, train your staff,  and make sure everything works to your satisfaction.  Or, your money back!  Nobody else does that.

    Technology can’t replace the human touch, and your servers provide the one-to-one human interaction that your customers need.  That interaction is a key part of your brand and your customer satisfaction…don’t try to replace it with sterile technology…it won’t work.

    Built into every Bent Oak Tablet system is our patented wine pairing system. Pairing Pro automatically pairs the right wine with the right menu item, freeing you from reliance on inexperienced and unskilled waitstaff and expensive wine Sommeliers. The system also functions as a professional and searchable inventory of your wine.

  • Coffee & Cream is not for you 1,2

    Bent Oak Tablets Might Not Be For You If…


    You don’t utilize table service in your restaurant.  If your customers order at a counter you will not benefit from our systems.

    Our advice would be to go to your POS supplier and see it they have a system that will better serve your customers.


    Your average ticket is not at least $12.  We believe that every investment in a restaurant should have a fast ROI and a restaurant usually needs $12 and up to achieve a fast ROI.

    If your typical ticket is less than that, we suggest that you look for other places to invest your hard earned money.

    Created by Restaurant Owner - 1

    However… if you are one of the almost 250,000 independent and small chain  restaurants in the US who have table service and a typical ticket of $12 or more, then Bent Oak Tablets are the best choice for you and your restaurant.  If you have any doubt, contact one of our TBM consultants at 1-800.535.8948 x 704 for a FREE, 17-minute, no-obiligation, no-pressure ROI analysis for your business.

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  • Coffee & Cream Features at a Glance

    Bent Oak Tablet Benefits At A Glance

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      Cut Training Time By 80%

      No need to waste time and money training servers on everything on your menu, which can take weeks Al...

      Learn more
    • icon7[1]

      Customers Order With Their Eyes

      The old maxim is that people "eat with their eyes".  More importantly to you, customers ORDER with ...

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    • icon4[1]

      No Software Contracts Ever

      No longterm contracts required for your TBM's when using Menuvative So...

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    • icon8[1]

      Menu Updates Immediately Wirelessly

      Every one of your Personal Tablet Menus are updated within 3 minutes when you make a change.  No mo...

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    • icon6[1]

      Advanced Menuing Software

      Menuvative software is the ONLY menuing software on the market created BY real restaurant owners F...

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    • icon5[1]

      Custom Menu Look And Feel

      Your brand is important and needs to be communicated effectively to your customers.  So, we custom ...

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      24/7 Instant Menu Updates – Anywhere Any Time

      Control your menu through our web-based Menu Creator system. N Learn more

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      Automatic Wine Pairing – Pairing Pro

      Pairing Pro is our patented software built into Menuvative software that automatically pairs your wi...

      Learn more
    Menuvative screen

    Total Menu Control From Anywhere in the World

    No need to wait for the “next printing” of your menus to make changes, update prices or introduce new items.  Stop relying on white out, labels or black marker to keep your menus current. Instead, use our web-based menu-update  software to immediately update, change or test your menu…anytime, from anywhere.

    Simply log into your own Menu Creator system and make your changesL  Add new items, hide 86’d items, change prices or make any other changes you need to make or want to test. It’s simple, fast and instantaneous.

  • Check Out Cofee & Cream 5-Minute Installation Video

    Check Out Bent Oak Tablets Overview Video

    How Bent Oak Tablets Work In Your Restaurant

    Experience the power of Bent Oak Tablets for yourself by viewing this video.  You’ll see for yourself how our TPMs can impact your restaurant and “wow” your guests with the power of hand-held, electronic, tablet-based menus.

    Everything You Need For A Perfect Personal Tablet Menu System!

    Confident Waiter Using Digital Tablet In Restaurant
    See Features

    Many components and services are required to have a successful PTM system install in your facility.  Don’t cobble a system together…rely on our expertise to do the whole thing right, in no time!

  • see the plan

    See Your Return

    For as little as 37 cents per seat, per day in your restaurant, you’ll get all the advantages that a professional, flexible and well-designed PTM has to offer.  See for yourself the return on investment on a Bent Oak PYM in your restaurant.

    See The Plan

    No Contract · No phoneline needed
    Cancel anytime · UL certified

  • Customer Review

    E Sitter

    “I’ve been hearing about Personal Tablet Menu Systems for a while in the trade press, but I thought it was only for the big national chains. But, after I spoke with Bent Oak Tablets and installed their system in my own restaurants, I know now that I can make more money with them that with traditional paper menus.”

    Customer Review: Donald Meehan
  • With a 100% Wireless System you can add more sensors anytime

    100% Wireless Tablet Connection

    Bent Oak Tablets are connected to the internet via a secure wireless router (supplied) at all times, which means whenever you make a change to your menu, it’s reflected within seconds on all your menus.

    • » Hide 86’d Items
    • » Change Prices
    • » Update Descriptions
    • » Create Promotions
    • » Test New Items
    • » Update Wine Inventory
    • » Create Cross Sells
    • » Add Selections
    • » Improve Customer Experience
    • » Menus Are Always Up-To-Date

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  • Maximize Your Profit

    Maximize Your Profit

    Don’t be tied down and hamstrung by the limitations of traditional paper or laminated menu systems.  Improve your profitability immediately by using Bent Oak Tablets with Menuvative software.

    Get your very own ROI analysis for your restaurant in only 17 minutes by scheduling a call with our President:

    Click to Schedule an Appointment