Menus Are Changing...
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The Digital Wave Heading
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For Real Restaurant Owners,

By Real Restaurant Owners

For the first time in 100 years, the menu is changing:
Digital technology is finally coming to the restaurant menu, and Tablet Based Menu Systems are fast replacing paper menus. Electronic menus make every guest more profitable, drastically reduce server training times, and dramatically improve customer satisfaction scores.

Customers Love Tablet Based Menu Systems!

How Tablet Based Menus Improve Your Restaurant
Operation and Profitability

Increase Ticket Averages

Tablet Menus pay for themselves by instantly increasing your average ticket by as much as 21%!

Improve Guest Experience

Customers of all ages love using menus on tablets. Don't fall behind what your customers expect.

Add To Bottom Line

Increase your sales and reduce your operating costs, all without increasing customer count.

Reduce Training Costs

Use your Tablet Based Menu systems as a key training tool. Reduce training times by 80%!

Built In Suggestive Selling

Cross-sell and up-sell without relying on your waitstaff, regardless of time or day, automatically

Pay At The Table

Optional pay-at-the-table system allows you to offer secure, PCI Compliant payments.

Instant Menu Updates

No more 86'd items. Instantly add new items and remove obsolete items with the click of a mouse.

Real Restaurant Owners

Our software is the only menuing software created by real, and really successful restaurant owners

Automatic Wine Pairing

Menuvative's patented Pairing Pro system automatically increases wine sales by up to 58%

What Others Say About Bent Oak Tablets Powered by Menuvative

When you see shrimp on your steak, it’s impossible to say no, the software also allows restaurants to instantly update their menus; append lengthy descriptions to dishes, including nutritional information, and push promotional deals.

Seattle Weekly

Perfect for our guests. They can tap on an item and see a perfect picture and feel very comfortable with what they are eating, it does a great job of pairing wines so (customers) can feel confident in ordering the perfect wine for their entrée.

          Fox 17          

Enhances the messaging capabilities of the menu. This includes promoting complementary products… helps guests by displaying appropriate wine recommendations by price. Guests can see and review the menu and compare the ingredients, wines, and prices all from their seat via the tablet.

Connected World

Innovative Solution Award 2013 for Customer Engagement Technology…Benefits go well beyond avoiding menu and table tent printing costs…Restaurants using Menuvative have seen an average 3:1 return on investment because check averages increase about 10 percent.

      VS Reseller     

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